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I Had All Kinds of Mischief Planned for Today…

Better be good, Twilight! It’s Christmas and Santa is watching!
Stupid elf sitting without a shelf. Thanks for spoiling my purrfect plans!

But then I saw that nosy Elf on the shelf…

And thought about Santa – (who, by the way, lost my address last year)- And I decided to hold off on my evil plans for now. Just because I wrote him a letter asking for a new boatload of tuna, or Tiki Cat, and some new squeaky mouse toys, since the Can Opener around here freaks out if I catch her a nice, juicy mouse. Life is so flipping hard sometimes.

However, from what I see on Pinterest, I think even the Elf on the Shelf has to “socially distance” and wear a mask. But honestly, I thought he’d always done that. I mean, you only see the little dude once a year anyway, and even then he hides and then takes off for the North Pole the first chance he gets.

I can’t blame him for that- I’d do that too sometimes just to get away from bossy “Miss Fussypants” (Sushi). But apparently he’s locked down now too.

Which brings me to wonder, If the Elf on the Shelf is having to “Socially Distance,” who will Santa use to spy on us all?


Sushi is getting on my last nerve!

Boy, she sure is grumpy in the mornings!

Here we go again!

All I wanted to do was start a game with Sushi and play with her for a little bit while the Can Opener got her coffee and woke up. But apparently she has no sense of adventure or humor in the mornings. Personally, I think the Can Opener should start serving HER coffee. Maybe then she’ll lighten up a little bit.

I started by grooming her like I always do. Usually, she grooms me back. But this morning I think she didn’t like that I was winning the game I started. Of course, maybe I should’ve told her we were playing a game first – but I don’t really think it woud’ve made a difference.

Here’s how it went when I tried to play with her….

After this, I just ate breakfast and went out to find Sheba so we could chase mice together since Sushi wouldn’t play with me. But Sheba had kept her human up all night and wouldn’t let her sleep, so by the time she finally got to go outside, she took off like a rocket for the stream behind our house and I couldn’t find her. It’s just not fair!

When I came back, Sushi still was in no mood to play because after I left, the Can Opener had played with her and after only about 10 minutes Sushi was already tired and wouldn’t play with her anymore, either. She’s just a big bundle of FUN. Oh well. She’s a lot older than me, so I think it’s time to amuse myself…


Time To Decorate for Christmas!

Oh my cats! It’s my favorite time of year!

Time to decorate the Christmas tree, bake cookies, make candies, surprise neighbors and friends with treats and to actively LOOK for ways to bring comfort and hope to those we encounter every day!

And that brings me to some of the best things for bringing joy and comfort to others- CATS AND KIDS! Namely, the critters who started decorating for Christmas today!

Hot Cocoa! (I’ll take the whipped cream, please)…

Serafina of course, wanted to supervise putting the tree up. That way, she gets first choice of ornaments to knock down and kick around!

While Serafina is faithfully rearranging the ornaments on the tree, the critters are placing Christmas clings outside. They love those things.

“Where else can we put these?”
Now it’s time to play!

“Okay, let’s go find more!”
Perfect treats for decorating.

It’s a Snuggle-y Morning

“No more than six people” Thanksgiving gathering

The Can Openers and critters (big and little ones), had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday in spite of COVID restrictions- (“no more than 6 people allowed to gather for Thanksgiving”)- which the Governor proposed having people arrested or fined if they didn’t follow the guidelines. On THANKSGIVING? Luckily, there were only six of them anyway, (unless you they count Serafina and Abby)….

But what if you have a huge family like Sushi and I?

Sushi and I had to stay home while they went to celebrate at the critters’ house- and they were gone the WHOLE DAY. Honestly, Sushi and I had planned to wait till they left, then bring in OUR family for a major party… 🎉

My Great Grandma “Stripes”
My step-brother, Caracal
Sushi’s Aunt “Fussy-pants”
Uncle Lucas
Aunt Lynx

And there are so many more in our family- but they don’t want their pictures used on the internet because they’re flipping Purranoid.

It didn’t matter anyway, though- because they all forgot to get their passports in time. They tried hitchhiking a ride here but not many people pick up hitchhikers in the jungle or desert- especially if it’s a 600 lb cat that could eat them. Weirdos.

Anyway, our family is all upset because they couldn’t come- but it’s probably for the best anyway, because they all get a little grumpy when they’re hungry- especially Aunt Fussy-pants.

But over at The Critters’ House- Everything was relaxed and content.

The baby Critter’s Dad found a video by Chef Gordon Ramsay on making a Turkey … with bacon… (*drool*) – and he made the turkey that way while everybody chatted, had mimosas, (and coffee) and visited and played games.

Abby on the big Critter’s lap while she played Zelda
Serafina praying for that glass patio door to break…
Abby making sure the tornado can’t get to her
Serafina helping my Can Opener prepare appetizers
Serafina following my instructions on “How to Train your human” lesson two. 😺

They all had a blast- while Sushi and I were home alone…all. day. long.

But it’s okay- because they loaded us up with Tiki Cat and Redi Whip and treats and snuggles when they got home. And besides, Sushi and I can use this “cat abuse” to get our way for along time!!😹

The Can Opener wants to share the video for Chef Ramsey’s Turkey- it was purrfect!

Christmas Recipe: Roasted Turkey with Lemon Parsley & Garlic / Gordon Ramsay

They say I’m FAT…

I’m not fat- I’m EASY TO SEE!

Does this collar make me look fat? The humans say I’m fat- I don’t know where they get that idea- I’m only 16.9 pounds. And that’s all fluff- and muscle (because I do yoga all day long)… so I’m guessing it must be the new collar.

All I can think is, they say that being on tv adds 50 pounds to you (or was it 100)? If that’s true, then I’ll bet that being on the internet (or in a picture) does the same thing! How HORRIBLE!!

I know it’s probably hard to believe I do yoga all day- but I do- here’s proof!

Go away! I’m doing yoga!

See? I do yoga every day… at least, I WOULD if they’d stop dangling stupid things in front of my face to distract me!

See? They distract me every time!

Oh well- at least I’m really easy to find!


How to Train your Humans

Welcome to lesson Two

Making Sure they let you “help” at Mealtimes

The most important thing for every cat hoping to train his humans to be a decent cat slave, pet parent, is…

Make sure they know who’s boss.

This should already be well established before you plan to train them to let you “help” them at mealtimes.

One way to demonstrate you are the boss is to demand that you get fed first. That way, when they get busy in the kitchen with, say, Thanksgiving dinner- your belly will already be full in case they are exceptionally hard to distract.

Next, park at the Keurig (or whatever coffee brewer they have), until they start your , coffee. After all, cats need the stuff too, and if you’re going to be an effective trainer, you need to get your motor going.

*Just don’t let them see you drinking it*

Make sure you get fed first!

Extra points if you get lots of cat hair in the cups and on the brewer. Also, pawprints are a nice touch- particularly if guests are coming! And, if the creamer is left out- that means they want you to sample it and make sure it’s safe!

It’s also important to watch for little critters if you’re having a hard time getting into the kitchen. They’re always screaming they’re hungry, so most of the time you can easily slip in if you act like you’re just trying to play with them. Some of them will even stand with the refrigerator door open while they search for forbidden treats, and when they do, you may even be able to hop up into the fridge on the bottom shelf…. and then grab and run!

Now, for the important stuff. On special occasions, when there will be gatherings – like Thanksgiving- you definitely need to be on your best behavior.

(At least as far as the humans know). That way, they won’t think to put you out of the kitchen while they prepare the delicious turkey and pies with whipped cream and other delicacies that you can’t wait to get your paws on.

And don’t forget to make your presence known constantly by winding around the legs of the control person in the kitchen, meowing as pathetically as possible. Sometimes they won’t realize they just fed you ten minutes before and they’ll start giving you samples. If not, wait for them to leave and jump up and grab them for yourself!

You can always claim “Quality Control!”

If you should happen to get caught straddling the abandoned turkey while everyone’s busy in the other room, well,…

Hey, Can Opener- it needs water. And COFFEE!
I never saw a turkey…
You should be thanking me!

Wiped Out!

What a long night!

I spent the night trying my best to teach Sushi how to hunt mice- but all she wanted to do was watch while I did all the work!

I chased so many mice and carefully tried to send them scurrying in her direction, but did she get one? NO.

She barely twitched a whisker in their direction, content to just watch curiously as they scurried out of reach laughing hysterically at her.

How embarrassing! The mice looked over their furry little shoulders at me as if to say, “You call yourselves CATS?!”

So much for my reputation as a master Mouser!

When I finally gave up on giving her hunting lessons, I tried to get her to play hide and seek- but all she did was hide- (from me).

And when I went to seek her out, all I found was her claws swatting at me accompanied by a warning hiss and a swishing tail. Geez 🙄

Now it’s morning, and the Can Opener will be getting up and getting ready for the little critter to come spend the day, and she will be too busy with the pint sized tornado to play with me.

So, I’m going to do some hiding of my own now on my cozy blankie, and take a nice long nap.

The Mouse that got away

I outsmarted the fat cat!!
I’m so ashamed! I can’t believe he got away!
Well, of course he got away! You didn’t chase him!

She just can’t understand it….

That’s how it went for at least an hour this morning. Sushi whining because she didn’t catch the mouse that was poking around, and me (Twilight)- trying to explain to her that in order to catch something, you have to CHASE IT FIRST!

WHAT? Why in the world would I want to do THAT?

Unfortunately, in Sushi’s mind, chasing mice is ‘disgusting’- and she couldn’t imagine for her life why she should’ve chased it.

“What do you think I am, Twilight? Some sort of ANIMAL? I just wanted to invite it to dinner- I asked it nicely, and it just ran away from me. YOU’RE the one who does the disgusting ‘chasing mice’ thing!”

How do I say this gently?

So I said, “Well, Sushi- IT’S A CAT THING. And guess what? YOU’RE A CAT!”

She just sat there for a few seconds thinking -(which is hard work for her)- then said,

“OH. That explains the tail.”

I give up. This girl just doesn’t know how to cat.

Morning Grooming Turns Wild

Our Caturday started late thanks to that Can Opener of ours staying up until 2:00 this morning determined to finish a birthday present she was making for the oldest Critter who turned 12 today.

I wasn’t happy that instead of getting up at 4 am like a good little Can Opener, the little bratty human decided to sleep in til 7:30 and only woke up because Sushi and I teamed up to drag “Her Laziness” out of bed to feed us.

I raced across her in the bed 3 different times at high speed, and when she still slept, I bombed the bedroom blinds and smacked them repeatedly with my tail.

Grooming me sweetly- but then,…

Our Morning Grooming

So as usual, Sushi and I race ahead of the Can Opener in the morning, helping her find her way to the kitchen to make sure she doesn’t forget where to find our food waiting to be released from the prison of the can. God knows without coffee, she hardly knows her name so she needs all the help she can get.

On the way to the kitchen, I stopped to thank Sushi and to congratulate her for her talent on getting this moron out of bed and we started grooming each other. Then all of a sudden, Sushi got wild and started smacking me! Of course, her tummy growled, but good God! She doesn’t have to be a flipping LION about it!

Geez. I think Ms. Grumpypants needs some coffee!