Those Dang Changes!

What the flea is going on around here?

Since I took off on my own Special Mission, a lot has changed. Not just for me and those captors of mine, but for the whole flipping world! It’s like some sicko turned the whole world upside down just to see what would happen!

The Critters

First, the Can Opener’s kids moved to another city- but from the looks of it, they forgot to take the little loud critters with them… because now they’re here even longer every day- disturbing my beauty sleep, dangling random things in front of my face, playing with my toys, and hampering my mouse- hunting skills.

The little creatures aren’t so little anymore. The one I used to be terrified of is now older, and actually has grown into quite a talented cat slave. However, the littlest creature is big enough to run after me and aim toys at my head much more efficiently as she squeals with the force of a sonic boom.

The Can Opener

My Can Opener is still very health conscious and works out regularly, so It has become my faithful obligation to be sure that her workout clothes and her yoga mat always have a sufficient amount of cat hair covering them, just so her friends know I’m taking good care of her. Apparently I’m more skilled at this than I thought, since within 5 minutes of changing into her workout clothes, they are covered with my lovely hair. Her friends can’t believe how efficiently I am able to accomplish this. Surely there has to be some sort of medal of honor I’m entitled to- I’ll have to google it!

The Critter’s Cats

And Serafina (the little Creature’s cat), got lost and didn’t come home-for 6 months!

Everyone was heartbroken and afraid for her- they were afraid they may never see her again. But she had been found and cared for by a really great cat slave , human- and the vet said she was in great shape!

Check this out for your kitty!

In other news,… Serafina now has a new sister- They say Abby is a lot like me- so she must be exceptionally beautiful, smart and fun, right? I mean, what else could that mean?

There were other changes too…but now it’s time to tuck in my human so I can tear up the house while she sleeps!

Meet Abby!


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