Sushi’s Tribute to a Purrfect Cat Hero

Today is the birthday of a very special human who took care of me until Twilight found me and brought me (with some help from the Can Opener’s daughter) to my new happy home.

This purrson saw that I was miserable and unwanted by my previous owner, and she took me to her friend’s house (and to hers) and searched for 8 months for a permanent home for me so I wouldn’t be put down.

To my Cat hero (who’s name I don’t know)- I want to thank you. If not for you, and all your efforts to preserve me and find me a happy home, I probably would’ve been put down by now.

Because of you – that didn’t happen, and now I am queen of my new home, and I am well cared for and loved more than I ever thought I would be.

Happy Birthday- and thank you for the new life you’ve opened to me!


Thank you!

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