Desk Drawer Buddy

We needed another flood. Strong winds were a nice touch.

Well, Thank you Mr. Weatherman.

I had awesome plans for today- But there was so much rain I expected to see Noah’s Ark come drifting down the street. So much for my exciting plans of mouse hunting, terrorizing the birds, and chasing Sheba all over the neighborhood. Pretty soon the rain got harder and became a constant downpour and the winds stirred up so I got to watch the pretty gold and red leaves swirling through the air like snow in a blizzard… Only I couldn’t catch them from inside the living room.

Sushi didn’t mind the rain at all- she decided to keep the Can Opener company as she did her online shopping, and she had a nice set-up…

She just decided to watch tv!

Well, this looks like a great time for a nap.


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