The Mouse that got away

I outsmarted the fat cat!!
I’m so ashamed! I can’t believe he got away!
Well, of course he got away! You didn’t chase him!

She just can’t understand it….

That’s how it went for at least an hour this morning. Sushi whining because she didn’t catch the mouse that was poking around, and me (Twilight)- trying to explain to her that in order to catch something, you have to CHASE IT FIRST!

WHAT? Why in the world would I want to do THAT?

Unfortunately, in Sushi’s mind, chasing mice is ‘disgusting’- and she couldn’t imagine for her life why she should’ve chased it.

“What do you think I am, Twilight? Some sort of ANIMAL? I just wanted to invite it to dinner- I asked it nicely, and it just ran away from me. YOU’RE the one who does the disgusting ‘chasing mice’ thing!”

How do I say this gently?

So I said, “Well, Sushi- IT’S A CAT THING. And guess what? YOU’RE A CAT!”

She just sat there for a few seconds thinking -(which is hard work for her)- then said,

“OH. That explains the tail.”

I give up. This girl just doesn’t know how to cat.

4 thoughts on “The Mouse that got away

  1. Well usually “catting” comes naturally to us but there are some exceptions…..perhaps you are living with one of them??? I do think it’s nice she wanted to invite the mouse to dinner but I have a feeling it was more of an “invite to BE dinner” !!

    Hugs, Teddy

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    1. Mol! Yes- she wanted him for dinner, for sure- she just didn’t want to do the honors!! 😹 she didn’t have a happy life before she came here, and I really think she never had purroper instructions on being a cat! But don’t worry- I’ll train her!!

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