Wiped Out!

What a long night!

I spent the night trying my best to teach Sushi how to hunt mice- but all she wanted to do was watch while I did all the work!

I chased so many mice and carefully tried to send them scurrying in her direction, but did she get one? NO.

She barely twitched a whisker in their direction, content to just watch curiously as they scurried out of reach laughing hysterically at her.

How embarrassing! The mice looked over their furry little shoulders at me as if to say, β€œYou call yourselves CATS?!”

So much for my reputation as a master Mouser!

When I finally gave up on giving her hunting lessons, I tried to get her to play hide and seek- but all she did was hide- (from me).

And when I went to seek her out, all I found was her claws swatting at me accompanied by a warning hiss and a swishing tail. Geez πŸ™„

Now it’s morning, and the Can Opener will be getting up and getting ready for the little critter to come spend the day, and she will be too busy with the pint sized tornado to play with me.

So, I’m going to do some hiding of my own now on my cozy blankie, and take a nice long nap.


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