They say I’m FAT…

I’m not fat- I’m EASY TO SEE!

Does this collar make me look fat? The humans say I’m fat- I don’t know where they get that idea- I’m only 16.9 pounds. And that’s all fluff- and muscle (because I do yoga all day long)… so I’m guessing it must be the new collar.

All I can think is, they say that being on tv adds 50 pounds to you (or was it 100)? If that’s true, then I’ll bet that being on the internet (or in a picture) does the same thing! How HORRIBLE!!

I know it’s probably hard to believe I do yoga all day- but I do- here’s proof!

Go away! I’m doing yoga!

See? I do yoga every day… at least, I WOULD if they’d stop dangling stupid things in front of my face to distract me!

See? They distract me every time!

Oh well- at least I’m really easy to find!



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