Time To Decorate for Christmas!

Oh my cats! It’s my favorite time of year!

Time to decorate the Christmas tree, bake cookies, make candies, surprise neighbors and friends with treats and to actively LOOK for ways to bring comfort and hope to those we encounter every day!

And that brings me to some of the best things for bringing joy and comfort to others- CATS AND KIDS! Namely, the critters who started decorating for Christmas today!

Hot Cocoa! (I’ll take the whipped cream, please)…

Serafina of course, wanted to supervise putting the tree up. That way, she gets first choice of ornaments to knock down and kick around!

While Serafina is faithfully rearranging the ornaments on the tree, the critters are placing Christmas clings outside. They love those things.

“Where else can we put these?”
Now it’s time to play!

“Okay, let’s go find more!”
Perfect treats for decorating.


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