Sushi is getting on my last nerve!

Boy, she sure is grumpy in the mornings!

Here we go again!

All I wanted to do was start a game with Sushi and play with her for a little bit while the Can Opener got her coffee and woke up. But apparently she has no sense of adventure or humor in the mornings. Personally, I think the Can Opener should start serving HER coffee. Maybe then she’ll lighten up a little bit.

I started by grooming her like I always do. Usually, she grooms me back. But this morning I think she didn’t like that I was winning the game I started. Of course, maybe I should’ve told her we were playing a game first – but I don’t really think it woud’ve made a difference.

Here’s how it went when I tried to play with her….

After this, I just ate breakfast and went out to find Sheba so we could chase mice together since Sushi wouldn’t play with me. But Sheba had kept her human up all night and wouldn’t let her sleep, so by the time she finally got to go outside, she took off like a rocket for the stream behind our house and I couldn’t find her. It’s just not fair!

When I came back, Sushi still was in no mood to play because after I left, the Can Opener had played with her and after only about 10 minutes Sushi was already tired and wouldn’t play with her anymore, either. She’s just a big bundle of FUN. Oh well. She’s a lot older than me, so I think it’s time to amuse myself…


2 thoughts on “Sushi is getting on my last nerve!

  1. I’m used to entertaining myself since I am an “only” around here. I amuse myself by pestering Mom and Dad to take me for a walk, chasing birds visiting the feeders, watching squirrels flying around on tree limbs, and making a nest of leaves to keep me warm on a cold day. I wish I had another cat to pester…… Mom and Dad just say “Sammy No” when I begin pestering them so I stop. What fun is that???????!!!!!!!!!

    Hugs, Teddy

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