Sushi Meets the Elf

I’m still watching…
I’m going to shred you if you keep stalking me.

We’re Still getting ready for Christmas and that nosy Elf just keeps popping up!

Sushi started attacking a plastic bag this morning and some toys the Can Opener left out for us last night when she went to bed, and just as she was preparing to rip into the bags and shred them all over the living room, she had a funny feeling she was being watched-

And then she saw that Elf. She doesn’t like him. She likes her privacy when she’s going to be naughty and shred things. She says he ruins her fun because he makes her nervous. Then she locked eyes with him (above), and threatened to shred him if he doesn’t go away. (He just sat there and kept right on smiling)- not smart.

Meanwhile, at the Critters’ house, Serafina and Abby just ignore the little dude and plot their usual mischief not the least bit concerned about the little red-cheeked tattletale.

Serafina is planning on climbing the tree to knock down some of her favorite ornaments (and hopefully scare that Elf away), and Abby has decided to enjoy “her” new throne- (That was just bought for the little critter).

I sure hope Santa doesn’t hear about all this…


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