How Cats Help Decorate for Christmas


2 thoughts on “How Cats Help Decorate for Christmas

  1. Oh how very helpful you are being…..NOT! HAHA I don’t play with the tree at all – I lie under it but don’t touch the tree itself. My first Christmas here I MIGHT have played with bows on presents but not since that one time. Now I really just nap the day away in among the presents. As for you – Continue to blame the kids…..that’s the SMART thing to do!!!!!!

    Hugs, Teddy

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    1. Mwahaha!! Oh yes- it’s easy to blame the little critters- they’re always getting into mischief anyway!! The human raises that eyebrow at the littlest one-(usually the guilty one)- and I go run under the bed so she won’t hear me snickering!! 😹


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