How to Train your Humans

Photo by Tim Mossholder (Pexels)

Welcome to Lesson Four: Tornado Season

Well here we go again.

The littlest tornado (critter) is here almost every day. Today before school, she decided to play Vet. Poor Sushi will be traumatized for the rest of her life. It’s obvious that Sushi was snoozing during my previous “How to Train Your Humans” lessons.

Let me show you where Sushi didn’t get it right (that is, if you want to be a respectable cat). The pictures from the “Vet Visit” say it all.

No self respecting cat should ever let a little tornado take it’s temperature. Once you let them do that, they take everything else too and you’ll never find it again.

And shots should automatically be a signal to RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

Poor Sushi apparently didn’t get my memo.

Sushi sat in the Can Opener’s lap and Lily was sitting next to her as she was taking her desperately needed coffee break. Then – that fateful moment when she happened to notice the purrfect victim. Sushi.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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16 thoughts on “How to Train your Humans

  1. Awww, our baby human is so precious. I (Serafina) loooove when she plays doctor with me, but Abby does NOT— mol! Thank you Twilight for posting her escapades so we can still be a part of her days, even when she’s at your Can Opener’s house.

    Also, please be sure to wish your Can Opener a Happy Birthday from us— we heard the humans talking about it all evening last night! She is very loved by my humans and by us! I used to see her every day and I’ve missed it so much.

    Be sure to cause her extra mischief on her special day, you know she can’t resist the wiles of the feline!

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    1. Hi Abby and Serafina!! I told her you wished her a happy birthday and I know she wishes she still lived close enough to your humans to see them and you anytime- but she’s so excited to spend the day with you all today! She’ll get home late tonight, so I may have to post about my temper tantrum (that I’m going to do when she gets done tonight), tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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  2. Happy Purrrrrthday, my namez is Tuna. I’ve had a hard lyfe as a street tabby cat in Argentina. But I’ve mayde my wayz to the States and hav never looked back. I luv bits of chicken, milk, and yur blog. I met Seraphina recently and she told me that it’s yur purrrrrthday. I wanted to pounce on here and wish you the best purrrrthday ever. I hope yu hav lots of milk and fish stickz.

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