Time to Re-Set the Can Opener

It happens every flipping year…

Every December 9th the humans around here get all excited and make our Can Opener forget her most important role- opening cans for Sushi and me and playing with us, spoiling us, and basically, treating us like the royalty we are.

Yesterday was no different. Right after our morning breakfast and cuddles – (which didn’t last long enough)- both the humans flew out the door with the baby tornado’s Mom and Dad, and stayed gone All.day.long!

And (according to them, Serafina and Abby), the moment she walked into their house, she forgot all about Sushi and me! *pout*

Believe me, they will pay…

By the time those two heathens came home last night, Sushi and I were ready to eat the flipping refrigerator. There was dry cereal in our bowl that the human had filled to the brim before they left, but what cat wants to eat that when they hear Tiki Cat calling to them?

Then we found out they had gone clothes shopping, then ate – (the Can Opener got treated like a queen) – and played games until it was all dark …

Okay, so the lights are pretty – but still.

And to make matters worse, they snuggled Serafina and Abby!! *sharpening claws*

Time to remind these humans who’s BOSS!


5 thoughts on “Time to Re-Set the Can Opener

  1. Our huMom wants to reassure you that no matter how long shee was gone or how much fun she was having, you Can Opener did not forget about you for a minute ! HappyPurrthday toi her !


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