Critter Chases Mouse…

photo by Olenka-Sergie (Pexels)

My post is late today, because I had to babysit the Can Opener yesterday. Instead of typing my post for me like a good little human, she had a bad headache and couldn’t look at the computer without complaining that it made her headace worse. WHINE, WHINE, WHINE!

I just nipped her hand. Not too hard, though – she opens the cans.

Too happy from her birthday celebration, the Can Opener stayed up really late the night before last, and spent all day resting yesterday (even though she had a headache). So since last night, when I normally have her type for me, she wouldn’t do it- the little brat.

Yesterday, the tiny Critter was here and the Can Opener worked with her on her school work at Well, when I heard the word ‘mouse,’ I got excited and kept eagerly waiting for her to catch the mouse for me.

But not only did she not catch a mouse, she wasn’t even trying!! And not only that, but the only ‘mouse’ I saw I couldn’t have gotten my paws on anyway! What a disappointment!

Here- see for yourself!

I think I’ll just go back to hunting my own mice.


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