That Psycho Cat Next Door

My Purrfect Playtime was interrupted!

Yesterday, the Can Opener was playing with me after she got her first cup of coffee, and we were having so much fun… and then this furry bundle of nerves came walking into our kitchen looking for my food and begging for treats!

Do I smell treats?

Lucky for me, she didn’t like what was in my dish, and my Can Opener didn’t give her any treats – so after harrassing my human for a little while longer, she chased me up on top of the refrigerator, and saw Sushi sleeping on the couch and hissed at her for good measure, then growled at my human and stalked out the door!

Trying to con my human into feeding her!

I really didn’t appreciate her growling at Sushi -(that’s my job)- but I was really mad that she growled at my Can Opener! So of course, I had to chase her out of the house and we had a talk about it. The human didn’t get there fast enough to take pictures, but just to give you an idea, it went something like this;

Geez- I sure hope Santa is too busy to notice…
No Twilight!
I warned you, kitty!


8 thoughts on “That Psycho Cat Next Door

    1. Lucky you- this one lives next door- her mom and my Can Opener are best friends- so she comes over when her mom lets her out- and when I go out, my first stop is always at Sheba house-(I go in their kitchen and eat the treats and use Sheba’s litter box (to pay her back for using mine)- 😹 Then I nap in her bed-(if the grandcritters are at my house!


  1. Meowser dear furiends, I’m very glad we don’t have a neighbor that physically invades our kitchen!… We have a rude bulldog that I love to antagonize… I climb a banana tree, so I can peak over the fence, then get the brute’s attention… It barks and barks…. then, as they start to open the door, I quick duck our of sight, so they don’t know he was actually barking at me…. And he gets a lecture!!!! Works like a charm every time!

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