Time to Get Over it, Human.

You’ve had enough time to heal, Can Opener. Hand over the treats!

You’re starting to get on our nerves now…

Saturday afternoon the Can Opener had an abcessed tooth pulled. We think they pulled something else too. She came home with a puffy cheek and a headace that still hasn’t gone away, and she had absolutely NO sense of humor.

Sushi and I have been trying all kinds of tricks to get her to play with us but all she does is pet us and sort of play… so I swiped at her feet. I never knew she could yelp that loud!

Sushi got mad that I did that. But come on, Sushi has been folowing her around and cuddling up with her ever since she got back from the dentist- and, in case you haven’t noticed, Sushi is a flipping WHALE. There’s not enough room in the human’s lap for both of us…

Are you going to feed me now, human? It’s been 15 minutes! I’ll starve!

Really, Sushi?

She “sort of” played with us once the pain pill kicked in- but it appears to be hard for humans to play with their cat with one hand while holding a pack of ice on their face the whole time. I wish she wouldn’t do that because it makes her look scary, and believe me she looks scary enough without it.

This is as far as her attempt to “play” went:

Well, at least there’s a box…
I chose the top so Sushi wouldn’t flatten it. Flattening things is her specialty.
This is Sushi’s idea of dressing up. I told her that’s why we have fur.
Nice view, Sushi. How embarrassing!
Okay, FINE, Twilight- I’ll take the darn thing off!
…But it’s MINE! And you can’t have it!

Fine. I’ll go harrass Sheba and hunt some mice. But when I get back, the HUMAN’S LAP IS MINE!

Good Luck, you Albino Flea!

Nooooo Sushi!


6 thoughts on “Time to Get Over it, Human.

  1. Now you two need to settle your differences before Santa Paws gets there – he knows who’s been naughty and nice you know……!!! Hope your Can Opener’s tooth ouchie is better before Christmas gets here. No fun to hurt during the holiday.

    Hugs, Teddy 🙂

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