Meme Tuesday

Photo by Suzanne Jutzeler (Pexels)

Christmas may be over, but the cat comedy lives on….

Christmas may be over, but the Cat Christmas spirit lives on!
Good luck finding him.

It usually takes about 24 cans for me to decide what’s acceptable.

It’s not my fault they were plugged in.

I know you can afford it, Santa.

You know I have to do something about that…

Time to catch up on our napping schedules!


5 thoughts on “Meme Tuesday

  1. This post would be a good fit for Comedy Plus’s Happy Tuesday blog hop. It is easy and free to join. Normally, I only join her Monday, Wednesday and Friday blog hops, but I had something interesting for today, too. Ms. Sandee and I think a lot a like, though we’re very different – she lives in California and I live in Florida, but we both like boats and being on/near/in water.

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