How to Train your Humans

Photo by Elly Fairytale (Pexels)

Lesson 6 : What to do, What not to do and When

Listen up Cats!

I’m Sushi- Twilight’s Apprentice and part-time nightmare

Another great example!
Way to Go!

Remember to look shocked!

Welcome back, students. I trust you’ve all been practicing your previous lessons- yes, even through Christmas break. After all, they call it “Christmas Break” for a reason- so, if you haven’t broken anything yet, GET STARTED! What are you waiting for?

Why Breaking?” Well this accomplishes several desirable things explained below:

1.) It immediately gets your human’s attention! and what cat doesn’t want that?

2.) If you pretend to be scared out of your mind by the sudden loud noises of having “accidentally” knocked down and broken something, your Human’s first thought will be, “Oh my Gosh! Did you get hurt!?”

Bonus points! This usually leads to an immediate inspection to see if you’re injured, followed by lots of snuggles and some treats or catnip to “calm poor baby’s nerves!” Then you get the live entertainment of watching innocently while they deal with the big mess you made. 😹

What not to do; Don’t Get hurt!

1.) If you actually do get hurt, your human will likely zip you right to the vet for a checkup and X-rays, and you know what that means… a thermometer where you don’t want it!

2.) Even if they don’t put you through a rush to the vet, if you actually get hurt in the process of your breaking something, not only will you be unhappy, but there’s no “Workman’s comp” for cats. You’re on your own, dudes.

And depending on your injury, it could severely limit or cancel your other breaking plans, and seriously cramp your style- and if they put the “cone of shame” on you, the other cats will think you’re a moron and you lose your respect as a serious cat.

3.) Regardless of whether you actually get hurt or not in the course of doing your cat duties, remember this:

Always act hurt and scared! That way, they won’t get mad at you, they’ll just feel sorry for you and they’ll want to make it all better. This always means, lots of cuddles, sympathy play, treats, better food and catnip! They may even stay home from work to make sure you’re “okay!”

*Important Note* Don’t tell your humans you heard it here!

18 thoughts on “How to Train your Humans

  1. Meowser excellent lesson dear furiends! The dog next door has his own version of attention getting – he focuses on bumping the gate open, then runs our and barks at everything until his family notices, comes out and starts chasing him… These chases can last an hour or more. On a couple occasions, the police have come to give the humans warnings, which Jack seems to think give him bonus points…. I’m thinking Jack doesn’t understand the rules humans need to live by and is playing a dangerous game.

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      1. Something tells me he is more likely to get hauled to the Pound… His humans asked Pops if he wanted Jack… Pops said no… he told me that Jack is the smartest on there, but desperate for attention which has become a problem.

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  2. Thanks for all the information and tips/suggestions…….I ought to let loose a little bit because I’ve never broken a thing, never been anywhere I wasn’t allowed to be, never hide from my humans – see? I’m just plain BORING! Mom tells me what a good boy I am – I’m more like a dog than a cat she says. Somehow I think that’s a HUGE insult! Oh well – I suppose a guy can change…..I want a leather jacket and a motorcycle – I need a new image!

    Hugs, Teddy

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