So this is what the New Year looks like?

I think I want a refund…

With everyone being so happy about the New Year, I thought I’d wake up today to sunshine and rainbows and flying unicorns and fresh fish hanging from every tree, while mice played tag with me and big, fat, juicy ducks walked up to say hello.

But today there was not a single unicorn in sight, no mice came out to play tag, and (biggest shock of all) – no fresh fish dangled from the trees for me to feast on. Sushi still got grumpy when I tried to play with her, my ping pong balls all rolled behind things I can’t get to, my favorite springy toys and mouse got stuck under the washer, then it started pouring rain and I got soaked when I went outside.

Hey Human, can you move the washer for me? My favorite mouse is under there!

I came inside all wet and cold and found the Can Opener reading on the couch and sipping coffee while the whale (Sushi) purred contentedly on her lap and gave me the evil eye to warn me away from trying to take her place.

Beat it, flea.

But the Can Opener didn’t want me to get sick, so she ditched Sushi and got up to dry me and gave me food and treats – (and Sushi didn’t like that- MWAHAHAHAHA)!

So it wasn’t all bad, because once the Can Opener got the whale off her lap and the circulation back in her legs, she played with me and it was all about me for the rest of the day!

Maybe that refund can wait a little longer. I’m still waiting for the refund on 2020!


9 thoughts on “So this is what the New Year looks like?

      1. To fire the weatherman… It’s a very very good idea, it’s have been raining for three days here! Outdoor is all dripping wet 🌧️😕
        I need my blanket 😛🤭
        Have a cozy Sunday!

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