The Llama in the Living Room

Photo by Josiah Farrow (Pexels)

It’s getting real now….

What the flea??

Lately the Can Opener has a thing for Llamas. Yes, Llamas.

Photo by Jiri Mikolas (Pexels)

I’ve always known she liked those long-necked oddities, but I never thought I’d see the day that she would actually try to MAKE one! I mean, that’s God’s job- (frankly, I think He probably does it better)… just sayin’.

But last night she said that since she’s been seeing Llamas everywhere – (even in the toddler’s make-up party kit she bought for Lily’s Christmas present)- She wanted to MAKE a llama for Lily’s Birthday!

Well, I’ve seen those hay and fruit eating fuzzballs, and I wasn’t crazy about her attempting to bring one into my lair. I jumped up on the highest shelf of the desk (knocking down everything I could while I was at it)- and decided to make sure that no matter how long that thing’s neck is, it won’t be able to get to me.

You know, I rather like it up here… It’s closer to the heater, and now that I’ve cleared all Mom’s Christmas decorations and junk off it- (and I’m up close to the top of the oval mirror she has on the wall, so I can admire myself)… I just may make this my favorite spot. And, if there’s going to be a Llama invasion, they can’t get their furry muzzles on me.

And about that Llama she was trying to make, I was wondering how exactly she was planning on pulling that one off – but she DID it! I kept winding myself in all sorts of weird positions trying to see what she was doing (from up on the very top of the desk shelves)- but I couldn’t see, so I decided if she actually managed to make a Llama, I’d smell him and still have time to hide before he could notice me and I just took a nap.

Then, hours later- at MIDNIGHT, she declared it done!

Well, GEEZ! She could’ve told me it was only going to be a TOY!

But that means the critter will be back to get her “Llama-” so I’m staying up as high as I can get!


8 thoughts on “The Llama in the Living Room

    1. Thank you! The little guys seem to pop up everywhere lately! The Can Opener saw them At Target as purses for girls and on t shirts and everywhere! Now- (just my luck)- she’ll probably fill the house with the rascals

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    1. Why thank you! The Can Opener started it in the afternoon and worked clear up until midnight determined to finish it in time for her birthday- and she did!! As long as that’s the ONLY kind of llamas around here, I’ll allow it- but if she brings one of those long necked flea bags in here, I’ll locking her out! (After she feeds me)!

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