Why We Cats Sleep so Much

Why? Because we are CATS!

I just have to say this . . .

A lot of people seem to be amazed that we cats “just sleep all day.” Well, here’s a random cat fact. It is perfectly normal for cats to sleep anywhere from 16-20 hours a day.

Here’s one reason- we are nocturnal creatures. We are wired to hunt and play all night and sleep during the day. Our hunting and play takes a ton of time and energy and requires a lot of mental energy.

How many humans can track down a mouse as it plays inside a wall unseen? None. But for cats, it’s a daily routine. We are also the Official spider killers, and your personal spies watching your gardens and yards to make sure no pesky squirrels, bunnies, racoons, and birds pop up in your yards to mess with your flower and vegetable gardens, or to leave muddy pawprints on your shiny cars -(that’s our job, and we don’t need their help).

We also play vigorously to maintain our girlish figures and stay healthy – (something by the way, that some humans might want to consider trying).

Here I am restraining a dangerous string of beads until the human rescued me.
Here Serafina (The Critter’s kitty), is working hard to destroy a deadly hair tie.
Here I am doing a very intensive test of this box- to make sure it’s strong.
We also constantly do yoga to stay healthy and flexible so we can readily attack those pesky flies!

And another reason we sleep so much, is that during the day, you humans are so LOUD!

There’s loud cars, loud tvs, loud music, loud conversation, and lets not forget the loud critters and worst of all- DOGS! Our naps are constantly disturbed. So, yes- we sleep a lot. Because we are cats.

And because nobody can resist a sleeping furball!



8 thoughts on “Why We Cats Sleep so Much

  1. We need a lot of rest – patrolling our homes and keeping them safe from introoders is hard work. And tiring. Trailing around behind our humans hoping for a pet, a snack, a new toy – it’s tough work. WE NEED OUR REST!

    Hugs, Teddy

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