The Dive…

Maybe if I dive down on Sushi she’ll play with me…
Well, maybe not.

Playtime- But not with Miss Grumpypants!

Today was another busy day for the Can Opener (they all are)- but when the critters went home, and she finished her workout, we got to play! I was hoping for treats of course, but instead, she found my toy snake and we had a blast! (Still can’t find the missing golf balls, though).

I always ask to play by waiting until I see the Can Opener go to her desk and open her laptop- then I jump up on the chair and start swiping at her before she can sit down! She slowly spins the chair a few times (because I love that)- then we play peek-a-boo! Well, when I saw my pink snake in her hand, I got so excited because it’s one of my favorite things to play with! And when I’m done playing that game, I grab it with my claws and won’t let her have it back! Mol!


12 thoughts on “The Dive…

  1. Meowser chair spinning sounds like fun! I must try that, though I will need to be covert about getting into the home office… I know I can do this. I’ve done it before…. A rude person was on phone and I defend what’s mine with a worthy growl of warning…
    And got put out with the door locked behind me!!!
    One would think those can openers of our don’t want to be defended!

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    1. Good for you!! Chair spinning is so much fun! That was rude putting you out! Of all the nerve!! It appears that Can Openers like to do their own defending- but when their claws come out they’re even noisier than WE are! And they call us the ANIMALS!

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      1. She was NICE to the loud, rude voice! NICE!!! I’m telling you a hiss was needed – and a whacky paw if such a nasty person had been in person instead of in the phone!

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      2. The whacky paw is a true talent!
        Katsu is too passive and Pawsephone gets so peeved, she basically turns herself into a bowling ball…. no finesse, but any true partitioner of the whackypaw has talent!

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    1. Mol! 😹 mine does it too when she thinks no one notices- she even lets the littlest critter do it- anything to keep it entertained on rainy days! I love that chair-it’s leather, so it’s great for sharpening claws too!

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