I think I love the Tiny One

I think I love you, tiny tornado!

Who knew noise could mean something so sweet?

At my house when the Tiny Tornado comes it gets noisy and she leaves a trail of destruction wherever she goes – But I have to confess- (although Twilight won’t like it) – that I think I love the tiny little thing! She gets so excited every time she sees me as though I’m the best thing in the whole universe- and from the time she notices me until she goes home, I’m all she thinks about! (Besides Ice Cream).

But she does love to pile toys all over me…

She has this game of trying to touch my ears when I’m asleep, because my ears twitch and she thinks it’s the funniest thing she’s ever seen…

She shares her toys with me- even though I don’t know how to play with them.

She likes me best.
She feeds me popcorn-

I don’t think so, Tubby.


7 thoughts on “I think I love the Tiny One

  1. I think it’s perfect that you feel affection for the little human – she obviously loves you too and that’s a GOOD thing. She probably will grow up with a real love of kitties thanks to her relationship with you! And THAT, my friend, is IMPORTANT and very special.

    Hugs, Teddy

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