Friday’s Fab Felines

Oh, It’s you again.

Felines- God’s gift to Humankind

Today I’m featuring some of the best examples of we fabulous felines that I’ve seen, either because of their cattitude, intelligence, or just good looks -(besides myself, I mean)… so grab your coffee and get ready to wake up happy!

(These cool cats hang out at


6 thoughts on “Friday’s Fab Felines

  1. Meowser dear furiends, that top hat and pipe would be purrfect for St. Pat’s day!
    Have a great weekend… I’m thinking things will be ‘breaking’ and I’m thinking they won’t be tea cups.

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      1. Oh meow is me – I shall add your can opener to my purrayer list! She didn’t have one of those vaccinations, did she? I’m thinking those things are sinister and not what they are purrmoted as being.


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