Cuteness, Inc.

Hand over the Treats, Can Opener.

I think everybody needs something to smile about, so that’s why my pals and I got together to show you our royal cuteness. Enjoy!

Well, GEEZ! I was just about to end my post, and Sheba HISSED at me on catbook because I only posted ONE picture of her! Some cats are so flipping SENSITIVE! Fine. I’ll add some more pictures of her Royal Hiney, Sheba, the Psycho cat next door (But Sushi and Serafina and Abby and I are the cutest)!

Okay, well, Sheba is kinda cute. I know because she told me.


10 thoughts on “Cuteness, Inc.

    1. Why thank you! Sheba is the crazy psycho cat (part Russian Blue) who belongs to the Can Opener’s best friend (who just happens to live next door).

      She drives her mom crazy trying to make her play all night long, darting all over her and yowling to be let out until her poor mom can’t take it anymore and shoves her out the door.

      That usually happens around 4am which is the exact time my human wakes up and lets me out- so Sheba gets cold (or hungry), and breezes in like she owns the place-(growling at me and the Can Opener as she passes by), and heads right to my food dish and begs the human for treats. She walks all over the counter and the Keurig too – and makes herself at home until Sushi sniffs her out and growls at her!

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