Demanding my Cuddles

Yes, cats, you can have constant attention.

How to turn boredom into cuddles

I thought I was going to lose it with all this rain and cold weather we’ve been having, because I normally spend my whole day going in and out and I’ve had to stay inside lately. Fortunately, the human knows its hard on me when I can’t go out and hunt and play with my mom, so she tries to give me more attention.

Lucky for me, I get lots of attention from the critters when they come- but sometimes that is nerve wracking- especially since the little tornado chases me, but more so when they both are here- because they love to laugh-(LOUDLY). Do you know what that does to a cat’s nerves? This should illustrate it for you…

Yep. That about sums it up.

But the little tornado was here and they were going to play a memory game as part of her school activities- and I pounced on the opportunity to “help”-

Let me help you, tiny one.
No- it’s not that one.

Well, I didn’t help her find the Disney Princesses, but I did make her smile, and I got my snuggles at the same time. Then when the tornado went home, the Can Opener spent time grooming me and giving me treats. It may have been a freezing cold day, but I still won. Meow.


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