I demand a chicken.

Sushi won’t play with me. So I want a CHICKEN!

The Can Opener says “NO WAY!”


What’s a Can Opener? HELP!

I’m tired of trying to get the Whale (Miss Sassypants)- to play with me only to have her swat the holy fleas off me and pounce on me. That thing is a flipping boulder. I may as well have a dinosaur stomping on me. She gets all hissy and pounces on me, so I defend myself like any self respecting cat would, then she flies to the human and acts all wounded and pathetic. That’s it!

I WANT A CHICKEN! Not fried -(they’re no fun to play with)- I want one to chase! But boy, those things sure look silly. And they run fast, and since they only eat corn they won’t be after my fancy feast or whipped cream or treats. What’s more, they can fly (a few inches)- so that promises to be a lot of fun when I chase them. I think I want a rooster. Yep. That’s it. Why?

Because a rooster can chase Sushi away from my food, and he can’t crush me! I also won’t have any more trouble getting her out of bed on her days off.



9 thoughts on “I demand a chicken.

  1. Meowser dear furiends, meowing as a mom to 5 chickens, which I hatched in our incubator, I can assure you of several things. 1) Chickens will eat everything you, I and/or our humans would, in addition to that they love eating weeds and insects. 2) They can fly more than ‘a few inches’ mine routinely fly into my oak tree and get on top of the roof. 3) They are just as likely to chase me as I am to chase them…. Did you know that T-Rex DNA is very close to that of chickens? Well, you do now! 4) Never, ever try and wrestle with a chicken – they will defend themselves … getting pecked and spurred isn’t fun.
    That all having been said, they are fun to play with if you keep away from the predator/prey games. and some – purrticularly Ginger, who purrticipated tin today’s Sunday selfies, are very furiendly and even cuddly. https://purrseidon.wordpress.com/2021/02/28/sunday-selfies-238/

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    1. 🙀 Well there goes that plan…. I already have one T-Rex to deal with- and if it’ll eat my food too, I better look for something else! (The Humans around here love chickens- but they wouldn’t let me have one anyway)! Brats!

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    1. I will be posting soon-(unless Sassy Sushi beats me to it)- the human was wiped out last night and couldn’t stay awake long enough to do our typing- we’re getting her loaded up on coffee now…. I hope there’s enough coffee in Oregon to do the job…🙀

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