Whiny Wednesday

Sushi here- with a few complaints.

I’m not very happy with my Human right now.

She kept ducking over to the next door neighbor’s house yesterday after being busy with the critters all day. I was not happy. You see, as the senior cat around here (and the smartest, if you ask me), I do not appreciate the rivals for my (constant) demands for attention.

And, what’s more, when she got home last night (with a doughnut) – not only did she not give me any, but she proceeded to tell me that her sister is having surgery today, so instead of staying here to give me her attention, guess where she plans to be? That’s RIGHT- helping her sister!!

that’s NOT FAIR!!!!

In addition to that, she is threatening to put me on a diet, and (finish) trimming my claws when she gets back. This is completely unacceptable.

I look to Twilight for some backup, but she’s so busy prowling around outside on the playset, that she can’t take the time to help me convince the human that she belongs right here- petting me and spoiling me. See what I mean? I got some pictures to prove how UNhelpful Twilight is- what a cat brat!

Grow up, Sushi- I’ve got my own issues to deal with…
…Like how the heck do I get down from here?!
Well geez, brat. Thanks a lot.

I’ll just take a nap and deal with you later!
We WILL talk about this later, flea.


9 thoughts on “Whiny Wednesday

  1. Sushi dear furiend, I COMPLETELY identify! I, have a sisfur who seems to want to be the next Grumpy Cat AND if that isn’t enough, the chef keeps threatening me with the “d” word… the one that ends in iet…. She says I am ‘past plump’… I assure you dear furiend, that I am merely cuddly and my beloved treats are NOT the problem!

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    1. Oh I completely understand- treats aren’t the problem here either, even IF the human says I demand them before eating every single meal! And it isn’t Redi Whip either (trust me)- I think it’s because of the air freshener they use. It’s not my fault if it makes me hungry!!😾

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  2. Oh it’s okay. The Can Opener’s sister had a very painful surgery a few days ago and is really needing help. The human is trying her best to be available for her. But even though I understand, I’m still a (very spoiled) cat, and I don’t have to like it!!!

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