Caturday Mouse Hunting Tv!

Bring the popcorn and treats, Human!

Movie time for Twilight!

Start the popcorn and bring the treats, human! I’m going to sharpen my techniques in this educational mouse hunting video and then go outside and catch you a couple of big, juicy ones for dinner!

Don’t forget to set the table!


6 thoughts on “Caturday Mouse Hunting Tv!

    1. Good for them! (And you)- Our Can Opener is owned by Sushi and me and my (still feral) Mom- who has trained the human to feed her since before I was born! (I was one of 6 kitties in her second litter born in the backyard)… she comes regularly to play with me and be fed. So does Sheba – the spoiled psycho cat that lives next door!

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      1. Ah, so you have a neighbor like that as well. Munchkin lives next door at my parents, but comes up here to terrorize the Three Mousekateers. She forgets, she is one, they are three and unless they are in the mood to share…

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      2. Sheba is a Russian blue psycho!! Everyone says how cute she is, but that cat is nuts!!! She comes in my house and cozies up to my human and tries to get my food- and we used to play together in her house-(and I would eat her food too)- but one day she saw her human pet me, and now she hisses at me and chases me out off her house!!😾


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