I’m such an Angel (cat)……

See my “wings?”

I am heaven sent to my humans.

My Can Opener has been telling me this since she adopted me- but today, when I saw the picture she took of me this morning, and I saw the rainbow around me in the picture – I suddenly knew it is true!

The Can Opener says Twilight was also sent to her by heaven, but honestly, I’m not seeing it…. (do you see any wings on her)? And when she’s wanting to make me play, she doesn’t act very heavenly… just sayin’.

My proof is in my actions

But I follow my Can Opener around everywhere she goes- I just love her so much because nobody else wanted me, but she took me. So I don’t let her out of my sight. In fact, when she goes next door to her sister’s house, I follow her. (And yell at her to hurry up when she takes to long).

I also keep her on her schedule and make sure she gets up on time (whether she likes it or not)- I’m even trying to help Twilight train her. I think The human has Twilight trained. That’s not the way it’s supposed to be. Twilight of all cats, should know that, since she does the How to Train Your Humans lessons (when she feels like it).

See, she has Twilight trained to settle down every evening when she sees the human getting her shower, and Twilight just knows that that means it’s bedtime- so when she hears the shower turn on, she curls up on the couch and goes to sleep- even if she wants to be outside.

Also, Twilight gets fed her fancy feast only three times a day- but I’m a more mature cat, and I know we’re supposed to be fed every two hours (or every time someone walks into the kitchen- whichever one comes first). So I think I need to train Twilight. I think it’s a travesty to only get wet food 3 times a day. I’m going to have a talk with little prissy pants and tell her she has it backwards- she needs to retrain the human.

Meanwhile, I’m going to keep a closer eye on both the human- and the refrigerator door!


6 thoughts on “I’m such an Angel (cat)……

  1. Hard to imagine nobody wanting you – sometimes the world is hard to figure out isn’t it! Anyway, you are in a wonderful place and your Can Opener loves you and that’s what’s important. Also, that rainbow in the photo – FOR SURE it’s a sign – not just that you are a lucky cat but that you bring luck to everyone around you!

    Hugs, Teddy

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