The Return of the Critters

Time to hide-

They’re back….

This morning the tiny Critter and her sister were here before the sun came up. How come they can get the Can Opener out of the bed that early, but I can’t without chewing her nose off?

The house is quiet- dimly lit while the Can Opener takes her time having her morning coffee, listening to worship music and praying when she wakes up at 4 am. Then at 6 am the house explodes with laughter and, “You’re a BABY!”/ “NO I’M NOT A BABY, I’M A GROWNUP!”

And from that moment on (once Daddy leaves)- silence takes wings and flies the heck out of there just like Sushi and I. Maybe ‘silence’ is a cat too.

Of course, I actually really love those two- the tiny tornado loves to pet me and her face lights up when she sees me as though I’m the most purrfect thing in the world- but man, she’s loud!

They watched the sun come up and then I decided to take advantage of them just sitting there staring out the window to remind them that they hadn’t petted me, and that I wouldn’t be at all offended if they wanted to throw some Redi Whip and Fancy Feast my way.

That’s one of the reasons I love them- they love to feed me- even if I’m not hungry! A cat could really get used to this… in fact, Sushi and I have a bet that if they keep coming over every weekday, I’ll be 16 pounds soon myself! Of course, Sushi isn’t going to stay 16 pounds…she discovered that the Biggest Critter started bringing treats with her when she comes every morning. All of a sudden, she’s really fond of them both!

And I’m pretty sure her waistline is fond of them too!


6 thoughts on “The Return of the Critters

  1. Gosh I’d be in bigger trouble than I already am with my weight if I had “little critters” visiting me all the time with treats. I’d like it though – very much – it’s just that my doc says LOSE SOME WEIGHT. I’m NOT happy about that.

    Hugs, Teddy

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