Cat Tree in Full Bloom

Leave me alone, already!

The Can Opener is staying up late again, so I got extra time to play outside (even though it’s raining, I didn’t care)- so after several hours of chasing my mama (cat) outside and coming back in, I had eaten, had treats, and was finally warming up and falling asleep on the cat tree when the human got up to make herself a cup of blueberry tea, and started petting me and telling me how adorable I am. Thanks for the news flash. Now leave me alone and let me sleep.

Apparently I’m just so flipping cute that she can’t resist me, so I decided to help her.

Finally, after three or four rounds of chewing on her hand, she decided maybe I wanted to be left alone (and the tea timer went off- thank God), so she got her tea and went to say goodnight to Sushi instead.

Lucky for Sushi, she was asleep, having already started snoring, and the Can Opener decided to just give her a quick pet and tell her goodnight. That’s because Sushi has longer claws than me and isn’t as forgiving. Thank God she decided to just leave us alone and drink her tea. I think otherwise Sushi and I would’ve had to take drastic measures to get her to back off.

Of course, from the looks of Sushi, it would take an earthquake for her to take any measures that meant she had to move.

I’ll slice you to ribbons, human. Leave me alone.


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