Funny Monday

It seems everywhere I look people are flipping uptight. I’d better intervene.

I think everyone could use a few good laughs to start your week off.

We cats notice a lot more than people think we do. Like when the humans come back from the grocery store with something in their bags that smells suspiciously like treats, and they act all relaxed and non-chalant, like there’s only boring stuff in there and try to slip the treats out and hide them without us noticing. YEP. That’s right- we notice. Even when we are sleeping in the other room.

We also notice that most people hate Mondays like we cats hate the vacuum cleaner. With that in mind, I decided to try to lighten things up a little for you guys by sharing some of the Can Opener’s favorite comics. I hope you enjoy them and get yourself a warm spot in the sun and take a nap. If it’s good for cats, it’s good for humans.

13 thoughts on “Funny Monday

    1. Why thank you!! I never got around to a post last night- I made the mistake of listening to the news- after that I couldn’t think of anything else. I’ll be doing today’s post a little late!! After the news last night I needed to pray!

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      1. Don’t watch the news, unless you’re looking to find what new lies they are pushing! I did that for that Colorado shooting…. Purrhaps it was the source I chose that was at fault, but the photo used to go with the headlines was the same one as for past shootings in Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania…. Wisconsin used a different one.
        Purrseidon, who despises false flags and fake news.

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      2. Purrsonal opinion – the news is so twisted and fake that IF/When I have the misfortune to see a glimpse, it confuses me…. I feel very sorry for those who watch it and think they are getting facts.

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      3. Indeed that is a huge part of the problem. Another is that many times they don’t seem to verify their ‘facts’, or recognize that too often, the accuser seems to be the one guilty of what s/he is accusing the other person of.
        Shocking what humans will believe!

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