Tuesday Thanks

I have so much to be thankful for- like PLAYTIME!

How to handle stress (cat version)

I know that all the humans are under a ton of something they call “stress.” We cats don’t really understand what that means, because well, we’re cats. So, I googled it when the Can Opener stepped away from her computer for one of her ever – increasing keuring visits.

Here’s the definition (according to Google) of “stress:”

Stress can be defined as the degree to which you feel overwhelmed or unable to cope as a result of pressures that are unmanageable.

Like I said, we’re cats- so we don’t really understand how that feels. The closest thing we get to it, is when the humans decide we need a visit to the vet (or, God forbid), a BATH.

But while I’m outside every day spying , I mean, observing the neighbors around here, I hear them all complaining about things that are going wrong everywhere so I think it’s time to share some feline coping skills.

We cats have great ways of staying relaxed. That’s why we all have 9 lives and we never suffer from insomnia.

Here’s some of my favorite secrets for staying happy in the middle of whatever is happening.

  • Hit the nip- Catnip does wonders. This helps with my next tip:
  • Take time for the humans- (interaction is important and keeps them feeding you, and may result in treats).
  • Spend time connecting with nature- (catch a bird or two every day).
  • If someone annoys you, ignore them. Cats are experts at this.
  • Sleep 18 hours every day. You’d be surprised how many problems you’ll avoid dealing with.
  • PLAY DAILY- tackle anything that moves.
  • Eat constantly. Let the humans do the diet thing.

And now, some pictures of me de-stressing…

Well, I was de-stressing until Sushi jumped down to take over the play session!


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