A long , lazy Caturday

It’s been a busy couple of days around here- and the Can Opener has had a lot to deal with. A problem came up yesterday that she is working on, so she’s not letting me on her computer right now- (something about me walking across the keyboard or some nonsense like that)- excuses!

Unfortunately, she’s not on her computer herself so I don’t see what the problem is if I do walk on it and leave nose dribbles on the screen, and lock her keyboard, and leave my beautiful white fur all over it.

Another way to spoil my fun. Thanks, human.

She’s even sending her computer to be “fixed”- so I’m stuck grabbing her phone when she’s not looking-(which around here, takes enough talent that it should be an Olympic event worthy of a gold medal).

So, she’s seriously hampering my social life, which is a really bad thing to do to a cat of my unusual beauty and caliber- so I’ll have to find a suitable way to get even-

But first,… fancy feast and a nap. Don’t give up on me- I’ll get that Can Opener trained to my satisfaction if it’s the last thing I do! *sharpens claws *


4 thoughts on “A long , lazy Caturday

  1. Humans are so weird. They complain if they have to spend too much time on the computer, they complain if the complain if it doesn’t do what they want, and they complain about stuff they read on it. You would think they might welcome us giving them a break. Purrs, Snoops and Kommando Kitty

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    1. Mol! Yes- sometimes my human loves it when I walk across her computer and lay down to say hi- other times she tried to pick me up and move me off. Then I sink my claws into her shoulders and climb on the back of her desk chair and snuggle behind her neck. She secretly loves it…

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  2. Yes- I’ve noticed that! Especially if she is running into problems with whatever she’s trying to do, she’s a lot more likely to shoo me away! She also doesn’t let me pass at the needle on her sewing machine when she’s sewing-(which is of course, one of my favorite things to do)- they sure have a way of spoiling your fun, right?


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