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Tuesday Thanks

It’s time for Tuesday thanks- and I’ve got tons to be thankful for!

Yes, even I can be thankful (sometimes)!

I’m a cat, and I have plenty to complain about sometimes, but I’m not stupid. I’ve seen the life some cats have- and until I was adopted, I was one of them. So I like to remember where I’ve been before, so I can appreciate where I am right now- and why I love my new home. I think it would be a good idea, if humans would do the same thing. Maybe if some of them directed their thoughts toward having a grateful heart for their blessings, they wouldn’t be so unhappy and likely to attack others. You know, you can’t give thanks and attack others at the same time. I’ve tried. Just sayin’.

So here’s a couple of things I’m thankful for:

  • I have a warm, cozy place to sleep and I don’t have to sleep in the cold, wet weather.
  • My humans never hurt or mistreat me.
  • I get daily cuddles and snuggles.
  • When I don’t feel well, my Can Opener takes me to the vet, and even though I don’t like it, I know she’s doing it to make me feel better.
  • When I need snuggles, my Can Opener lets me sit on a big fat pillow on her lap, and wraps me in her softest blanket and lets me sleep in her lap.
  • And when the little critters come over, I get more snuggles and cuddles, and they distract Twilight from pestering me to play.
  • I never have to be left alone and lonely anymore.

Take a look – and start counting blessings.

When people or cats just sit and think about everything that isn’t going right, or that they don’t like, of course they’re going to be grumpy and unhappy. Take a cat’s advice… sleep more, eat what’s good for you, find a sunny spot to rest in, and look for every blessing in your life and cultivate a thankful heart. You’ll be happier, and so will everyone around you.


How to Train your Humans

I’m cuter than Sushi. Deal with it.

How to deal with the other pets in the house

No matter what breed of cat you are, or how pretty, fluffy and smart you happen to be, there’s often another “Pet”- (aka. pain in the tush)- in the house that sets out to squeeze you out of the picture and steal the affection, playtime, and food that is rightfully yours. How does a self respecting cat eliminate that problem?

First, make it clear that you’re on to them.

Give them a look that would kill a horse (just don’t turn it on any nearby horses- it’s not their fault). That will alert them that they aren’t getting by with anything – and that you’ll get even. It’ll also serve the purpose of making the other cat (or whatever) duly paranoid.

When it comes to feeding time don’t fool around.

Be the first one to wake up your can opener by any means necessary- I find that a good strong bite on the nose is especially effective for this- but pouncing right on their eyes is a good option, too. If that doesn’t work, there’s always the option of knocking something noisy (and preferably expensive), into the floor. You’d be surprised how fast they’ll spring out of bed!

Then lead your half-asleep human to the kitchen and demand she feed you in a safer spot. Like on the kitchen counter- where the other resident flea bag can’t acess your food.

Whatever the other pet does well, do it better.

For most cats, this is a no-brainer. However, if the other pet is a dog, you’ve got it made, since most of them have marbles for brains, anyway. If the dog brings your humans’ slippers to them (for example), don’t worry about it- they probably chewed holes in them first. Just outdo him by bringing their car keys to them. Then give the dog the look that says,

I unlike you, know what they really need.

If the other pet is another cat that thinks they’re prettier than you, (like Sushi thinks of me), do some glamour shots of yourself dressed up – then prance around like you’re the Queen of England. Here’s an example. Sushi snapped pictures of herself on the human’s iPhone to make herself look smarter than me. Well, I can do that too.

Let’s see how Sushi likes THIS!

Case closed.

I’m such an Angel (cat)……

See my “wings?”

I am heaven sent to my humans.

My Can Opener has been telling me this since she adopted me- but today, when I saw the picture she took of me this morning, and I saw the rainbow around me in the picture – I suddenly knew it is true!

The Can Opener says Twilight was also sent to her by heaven, but honestly, I’m not seeing it…. (do you see any wings on her)? And when she’s wanting to make me play, she doesn’t act very heavenly… just sayin’.

My proof is in my actions

But I follow my Can Opener around everywhere she goes- I just love her so much because nobody else wanted me, but she took me. So I don’t let her out of my sight. In fact, when she goes next door to her sister’s house, I follow her. (And yell at her to hurry up when she takes to long).

I also keep her on her schedule and make sure she gets up on time (whether she likes it or not)- I’m even trying to help Twilight train her. I think The human has Twilight trained. That’s not the way it’s supposed to be. Twilight of all cats, should know that, since she does the How to Train Your Humans lessons (when she feels like it).

See, she has Twilight trained to settle down every evening when she sees the human getting her shower, and Twilight just knows that that means it’s bedtime- so when she hears the shower turn on, she curls up on the couch and goes to sleep- even if she wants to be outside.

Also, Twilight gets fed her fancy feast only three times a day- but I’m a more mature cat, and I know we’re supposed to be fed every two hours (or every time someone walks into the kitchen- whichever one comes first). So I think I need to train Twilight. I think it’s a travesty to only get wet food 3 times a day. I’m going to have a talk with little prissy pants and tell her she has it backwards- she needs to retrain the human.

Meanwhile, I’m going to keep a closer eye on both the human- and the refrigerator door!

Caturday Play!

Praise God! That Albino Flea is being entertained by the Can Opener so I can be left alone!

Finally a warm sunny day and playtime!

Oh my! I’m so happy I could leave my human a nice fresh present (hairball) just for practice!! All morning while the Can Opener was trying to wake up with her coffee and have her purrayer time, Twilight- that little annoying Albino Flea- kept swatting and nipping at me trying to make me play and she was irritating the holy fleas right off me! I was about to go for it and just knock her from here to Texas.

I mean, look at those eyes! She was ready to pounce on ANYTHING!
Image by chiplanay from Pixabay
She loves that stupid snake.
*shakes head*

Purrfect. Now I can FINALLY sleep! Happy Caturday!


Okay, Sushi Lost it.

I think I’ll just hide in here for a few weeks…

Sushi Snapped!

I think Sushi found herself a boyfriend somewhere in the neighborhood- because she has finally snapped. That’s right- she got the Can Opener’s phone and started taking pictures of herself on Snapchat!

I mean now, she’s taking pictures of herself that no cat in her right mind would ever allow- see for yourself! Meanwhile, I’m going to locate her “boyfriend” and warn him that he may be in over his head- I mean, they don’t call her “Miss Fussypants” for nothing!

(Warning: these photos could be offensive to most cats)…

I’d be embarrassed if I wasn’t so beautiful…. *purr*

Finally! Some Sunshine!

No rain – cold, but sunny! Birds Everywhere!

It’s a cat’s dream come true after such a long, boring, dreary winter! I can finally go outside without getting showered, pelted with hail, or getting muddy paws. Of course, although I love it- (dry, warm grass and pavement under my paws instead of mud), It does sort of cramp my style.

See, I really hate to disappoint my Can Opener by not leaving my cute, muddy paw prints all over the floors when I come inside- she enjoys it so much, and she says it gives the kitchen “personality.” She also just loves it when I spread my beautiful white fur all over everything the instant she pets me.

In fact, she doesn’t even have to pet me to see my fur fly through the air. Because I have a built in “auto deposit” system. All I have to do is walk into the room and it makes my fur fly. I know she really appreciates this. Bless her heart, it takes no effort at all on my part (because of my exclusive built in distribution system)- but she thinks I work hard day and night to make sure she won’t be disappointed. It would be tragic to let her down.

But for today, I’m going to enjoy my sunny skies and dry yard- there’s a hummingbird that’s been teasing me all week long, and today I’m going to look up the little guy and let him know how much I appreciate him brightening my rainy days by hovering under the living room window where I sit to drool over the ducks. I just may invite him to dinner.

After all, the rain will be back tonight, and then I can leave my human some fresh muddy pawprints again to let her know before she goes to bed tonight that I still love her and I haven’t forgotten how much she likes them.

She’ll be so thrilled.

Monday Musings

Okay, Can Opener. We need to talk.

Sit down, Human. Sushi and I had a talk and you need to listen.

Now, We waited all day for you to take time with us- and you didn’t have to go anywhere, but you still didn’t take time to play with us! You cleaned our ears (a BIG NO-NO)- you put flea treatment on us -(a BIGGER NO-NO),… and although you cuddled us and fed us treats, you STILL didn’t play with us!

You read, you cleaned, you cooked, washed laundry, washed dishes, and you took care of us, but when we wanted you to stop everything and keep us playing, you didn’t. And then, you kept going back and forth to your sister’s house all day long, leaving me and Sushi wondering just what the flea was going on. So the last time you left to go there today, I followed you- (yes, that’s right)… and I watched through the window as you played with HER CAT! PSYCHO SHEBA! What the flea??

Care to explain?

You say you were there because her human had a painful surgery Friday and she needed help. But how was it helping her to feed Sheba and play with HER? Hmmm? I HEARD you two laughing and I saw Sheba chewing on the phone charger while you and her human laughed and YOU EVEN TOOK PICTURES OF HER!

Now, you did take time to spoil us and play with us when you finally got back home -(after I almost turned into an icecicle waiting out on the banister for you to get done and come home), but it wasn’t enough. We think you need to revisit your priorities, and buy more treats. Right, Sushi?

Huh? What?

*Rolls eyes* Nevermind.

You were supposed to say, “THAT’S RIGHT!”

(Sushi): Oh. What’s right? (Twilight): Just forget it.


Caturday Mouse Hunting Tv!

Bring the popcorn and treats, Human!

Movie time for Twilight!

Start the popcorn and bring the treats, human! I’m going to sharpen my techniques in this educational mouse hunting video and then go outside and catch you a couple of big, juicy ones for dinner!

Don’t forget to set the table!