Sheba’s getting on my last nerve!

The Psycho’s Gotta Go.

Sheba, The Psycho cat next door (who owns the Can Opener’s sister), is really getting under my skin lately. And everyone else’s. When the Can Opener opens the back door to let me out every morning, she feels this breeze against her leg, and a gray blur goes racing past her and straight to my food dish.

When she sees that my food isn’t up to ‘Her Majesty’s’ standards, she growls at the human, or whoever happens to be closeby and takes a swat at them simply because she feels like it.

We used to go back and forth into each other’s houses interchangeably- I’d go into her house and lounge on her cat tree, and we’d pounce on each other from around potted plants, or the front tires of the car in the driveway, and chase each other- playing hide and seek, and we had a lot of fun.

But then one day she came in her house right after I had finally warmed up to her human enough to let her pet me (I like her)! And when she saw her human petting me, she growled and chased me out of the house!

She zooms in like she owns the place

She’s been acting this way for a few weeks now- and we don’t know why unless she’s just jealous of her human petting me. But now our humans are starting to wonder if maybe she’s in pain and needs to see the vet…?

I hope her human gets over her surgery soon and gets her checked out, because I miss my playmate!

It seems like she’s always mad at me now. She always chases me out of her house and won’t play with me anymore (inside). But she comes in my house whenever she pleases and I let her stay. But she warms up to my human for pets and asks for treats, then growls and swats at her if she doesn’t like what she is offered!

What a BRAT! When I had been out and came inside yesterday, she had my golf ball! How RUDE!


15 thoughts on “Sheba’s getting on my last nerve!

  1. Purrhaps Spring fever is her problem… Cousin Winston has been having a lot of issues with Quark and Boson (his sun conure brofurs) …. Gabe and Lucy claim they act like angry birds every spring… purrhaps your neighbor has a bird gene….

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    1. AHA! That’s it!! She’s always bringing birds in the house for her mom’s breakfast- (she must’ve caught that bird gene)- poor Sheba- her Mom always feels sorry for the bird and “Rescues” it! What moron rescues their breakfast!!!? Maybe that’s why Sheba’s so grumpy- all that effort to hunt down a prize just to have it set free!

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      1. Oh I like birds a lot. The little darlings love to come chatter at me when I’m in the living room window watching them. I keep inviting them to come in and play but for some odd reason the never do.

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  2. Well it’s rather rude of her to make herself at home at your house but doesn’t return the favor when you try to visit HER house. Helping herself to your food and your toys and your Can Opener is also in the “rude” category. No wonder you’re upset!

    Hugs, Teddy

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  3. Sometimes if a cat comes home from the vet or some other “strange” place the cat who should know them is upset by the strange smell. Have either of you been to the vet’s or boarded somewhere. We hope you can all find what is bothering Sheba.

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  4. Sheba may be in pain. But it’s also possible that she is tuning in to her human’s pain and being overly aggressive because of it. Some cats are really sensitive to what is going on around them. Have things returned to normal at her house yet?

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