Monday Musings

No, Human- I’m not ready to get up…

It’s Monday– again! I’m so comfy I don’t want to get up- wait- what is that smell? Whipped cream?

I’m up!! I’m starving!! Feed me NOW!

The Can Opener sure knows how to get me up when she’s ready. The problem is, I’m supposed to be the one dragging her out of bed! Oh well, I may as well get up and plan my mischief for the day before the critters get here.

Let’s see now- what to do first? Attack toes when they walk by from behind the couch? No- I can’t fit behind there.

Pounce from up on top of the desk when the big critter does her schoolwork? No- no way I can jump up there….. catch a mouse for the human?

Nope. Too much work. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. May as well go back to sleep.

Yep. I’ll let Twilight do all that work. Happy Monday!


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