The Tiny One Strikes Again.

I just can’t help it. I can’t resist the Tiny One.

She took our chocolate scented bunny but it’s okay.

See that white bunny? Well, Twilight and I play with it at night while the Can Openers sleep. Twilight uses it for a pillow, and when she wakes up in the middle of the night wanting to play, and our lazy humans insist on sleeping instead, we fight over it, I mean, play with it. We toss it all over the living room, and every morning when our lazy human finally drags herself out of bed at 4:00 am, we always have it laying in the middle of the bedroom doorway as a signal to the Can Opener that we’ve made a note of her refusal to play with us on demand.

Why does that matter?

Because it smells like chocolate. The Can Opener got it as an Easter surprise a couple of years ago from the Back-up Can Opener and she cherishes it. So do we. But today, the Tiny One brought her own new bunny rabbit and it
needed a playmate. Yep. It was “lonely.” And at naptime it needed a friend to cuddle with. Someone to keep it company. The Can Opener just happens to be a big marshmallow, so she let the Tiny One sleep with it for her nap so her purple bunny wouldn’t cry.

Then of course, after naptime, the Tiny One wanted to take it home when Daddy picked her up so that the purple bunny and the chocolate bunny (“Bun-Bun”)- could “have a sleepover.” See where this is heading?

Well, of course we’ll not be surprised if “Bun-Bun” somehow gets lost or abducted by aliens in the middle of the night and never makes his scented way back to us.

But of course, one look at that satisfied innocent smile, and even us sarcastic cats can’t say no. Dangit.

Well, I guess now Twilight and I will have to find something else to drag into the middle of the bedroom doorway to signal our human. Maybe I’ll grab a couple of those prized coffee kcups of hers and sink my teeth into them after we play hockey with them for a few hours and carefully ‘drop’ them where she can’t miss them. I don’t know about Twilight, but it sounds like a good idea to me.

What do you think, Twililght? Coffee Hockey?

Yes. Hockey it is!!


3 thoughts on “The Tiny One Strikes Again.

  1. Well Coffee Hockey is probably a lot of fun BUT a chocolate scented rabbit to wrestle with???? That’s a tough choice but I think I’d go for the chocolate scented rabbit. I think if the Can Opener allowed The Tiny One to take the rabbit in the first place, then the Can Opener should find another one for YOU!!!!!

    Just my humble opinion…..but gee…..I bet you weren’t consulted about this were you!

    Hugs, Teddy


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