A Beautiful Spring Day

What a pawsome morning!

Finally! A Spring Morning that is sunny and warm!

Oh how pawsome it was- finally no rain, and it even felt warmer. I went out to scratch my claws and listen to the serenading birds that sing every morning and I loved it so much I didn’t want to go inside!

I didn’t feel very energetic, because yesterday my tummy was bothering me, but I went out anyhow and am so glad I did! Actually, my tummy is still bothering me today, so I wrote a note to myself to yowl loudly to communicate to my human that I need special attention today. You should try it sometime. It works like a charm!

Since the Can Opener was busy making breakfast for the critters, I decided to guard the backyard from any stray dogs (or other cats), or even bugs that would try to go after my humans. The Tiny One REALLY doesn’t like bugs. I didn’t see any bugs that early, but believe me, if there’s one within 10 miles, the Tiny One will discover it and alert the whole world loud enough for them to hear her in Hong Kong. No wonder the human needs so much coffee to get through the day!

Anyway, after a while of enjoying basking in the warm sunshine, I decided the coast was clear of bugs (long enough for me to go get a nap). It’s exhausting work examining every little movement outside to make sure it’s not something that will scare or bite the Tiny One.

When I came inside I discovered a trail of treats waiting for me to hunt them down! What a treasure! Exhausted though I was, I got to work right away- (after visiting my food dish for a few minutes to make sure the offering was acceptable).

That was a really fun discovery- unfortunately I found and ate them all way too soon and then couldn’t find anymore. Oh well. Must mean it’s time for another nap! I hope next time she makes the treats bigger!


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