Duck Delight

Don’t worry about dinner, Mama- I’ll catch a DUCK!

“Don’t mind me, little duckie- I’m just going to help you find your way to Mama….”

I had the most delicious, I mean, interesting encounter today in the backyard! I was minding my own business, stalking through the grass and chasing butterflies, when I saw something moving in the nieghbor’s long grass by the fence behind our house.

Before I could stop myself, I was sprinting through the backyard chasing a darling baby duck! He was so FAT, I mean, DARLING! Next thing I knew, he somehow accidentally got in my mouth! It was the strangest thing! He just sort of stuck his neck right between my jaws, and I have no idea how it happened, but I was happy, because I could save the Can Opener all that work of opening a can for my dinner, and I knew she’d be proud of me for catching (I mean, FINDING) a pretty little duck to invite to dinner!

But then, the backup Can Opener came outside and saw me and told me to let go of the duck! Well, thanks to Dad, I was startled, and that little rascally thing took advantage of it and dropped to the ground and waddled off, and I tried to go after it (I had to help it find it’s way back to its mama)- really- But Dad came after me so I ran inside.

I managed to avoid getting kept inside, and as quickly as I could manage it, I flew back outside to find my duckie again- but the tasty little guy had crept under the fence already and found it’s Mama- so I couldn’t get it back!

“I was just trying to escort him back to you – to keep him safe! Honest!”

I don’t know why, but those Mama ducks can get really grouchy in a heartbeat. Geez!


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