Sleepy Sunday

What a purrfect napping day!

Critters having a rest day & so are we!

It sure has been quiet around here these last few days since the Critters have been sick. But it’s also been a great time for catching up on naps for Sushi and me. At least it would be, if Sushi would quit snoring!Of course, Sushi’s snoring isn’t the only thing that interferes with my sleep.

The dang Can Opener decided that since the critters weren’t here for the last couple of days, that it was a good time to attack the house and all those poor, unsuspecting spider webs- and to get the window blinds repaired, closets and shelves organized, get rid of clothes that are too big for her now, and bake her yummy coconut flour blueberry chocolate chip muffins. I’d be all for those muffins- but the selfish brat won’t let Sushi and me have any. The least she could do is make us some home-made tuna treats.


The Can Opener has decided to rest as much as she can today too, since the Critters are coming back tomorrow-(still not feeling great, but no more fevers)! Funny how she can call cleaning and reorganizing “rest.” Sushi and I think she needs to go back to school, becuase what she does when she’s cleaning doesn’t look anything like rest to us.

Maybe this video will help her get the general idea…


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