7 thoughts on “Psycho Cat eats Watermelon:

      1. Cricket wanted me to ask you for your opinion on an issues she is having. She is unhappy about all of the other cats who have moved into her back yard. Even though she knows she is inside-they are outside. She sleeps on which ever piece of furniture she chooses-they sleep on the ground. She has real toys-they have blades of grass. But they are not friendly at all- could it be jealousy? Or are they just crazy and need to move on?

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      2. Purrsonally, I believe she has a right to be jealous! They may look like cute little furballs, but they all would replace her in a flash if they could get you to allow it! First the yard, then the food….. then her toys and her house!

        Sushi certainly won’t allow another cat in our yard (except she knows she has to tolerate my Mama (who is still feral but comes by to eat every day)- and of course, Sheba- because Sheba’s mom and our mom are sisters. But aside from that, she chases off any other cat that comes along! I hope that helps!


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