A long, lovely, lazy Caturday

Photo by Skyler Ewing from Pexels
Oh yeah! I love this warm sunshine!
When’s lunch?

A warm, sunny day! Even Sushi got out!

Today was just too perfect for even Sushi to stay inside. I woke to the sound of birds chriping in the lilac tree outside the bedroom window- and I darted across the Can Opener as she slept until I finally got her to wake up and head to the Keurig.

I didn’t even want food- I passed up my dish and headed for the door! The ducks that hang out behind our house had a bunch of new ducklings, there were hummingbirds hovering near the lilac tree, and Sheba was already outside ready to play chase with me.

I spent the whole day outside – and my Can Opener, of course, haunted me with the camera.

Sushi preferred to stay inside and nap until things quieted down outside and she could tell no one else was out doing lawn work, or riding scooters, or calling to their neighbors- then she decided to go outside and enjoy the hot pavement when the human went out to read.

Now is about the time when Sushi will be ready for her evening brushing and grooming. While she’s getting spoiled, I’ll go wait under the bush for my Mama to come after sundown to eat, then we’ll go hunting until Midnight!

What a perfect day!

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