Sushi’s Monday Musings

I’ve just been sitting here thinking…

Want to Know what’s on my mind? So do I.

I think humans believe cats don’t write in diaries. They’re right – we don’t. (We lay on laptops and type our hearts out when no one’s looking). Writing is too hard for us because we don’t have thumbs, and every time I see paper, my first thought isn’t to write on it, it’s to shred it. There’s just something so satisfying about hearing a loud rip coming from underneath your claws. But it’s also extemely satisfying to lay on. It feels nice and cool- and the crinkle it makes is soothing.

Ever notice you can’t read a newspaper or a magazine, without the cat coming to lay on it? Or, wrap a present or read a book? There’s a reason for that- it has your undivided attention- so it has to go.

See, it’s all about your attention. We’re cats- we demand it- every moment we’re awake. That is, unless we’re crazy obsessed mouse hunters like Twilight. She has mice on the brain. It seems that all she thinks about is hunting mice or ducklings. Mom hates it when she brings one of those in the house and plops it at her feet. But she doesn’t let Twilight know it because Twilight’s sharing her prize.

Spoiled brat!

My thing isn’t hunting. It’s making the Can Opener slow down for a few minutes and hold me in her lap for as long as possible – (that is until she tries something I don’t like, like clipping my claws, or putting medicine in my eyes). But I’m really getting good at purrsuading her to drop everything and cuddle me when I’m ready. And that, is MY prize.


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