Thursday Therapy

Just in case you’re having a rough day-

Sushi and I – (she’s the fat one, I’m the cute one)- want to share some pictures to brighten your day. Petting cats is good for your blood pressure, and having cats reduces stress -(unless one of those cats is big enough to crush you), so looking at cute pictures of cats (namely me), is bound to relax anybody. So, We’re sharing some of our favorite pictures, and even pictures of our cousins, Serafina and Abby (The Critters’ cats). Enjoy!

Serafina- Who lets the Big Critter dress her all funny.

Abby loving the heating pad.
Me in psycho mode.
Serafina sleeping.
Abby- taking her Human’s seat at the computer to stop her from starting work.

Me trying to stop the human from dressing me up.
Sushi tucked in.
Sushi tucked in- again!

I hope these pictures brighten your day- the weekend’s almost here!


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