It’s All About Me (in my book)…

What a great day!

A purrfect day for me- I even got a picture of Twilight’s boyfriend!


Look! He’s the Masked Marvel! I was just stretching out on the rug (in the most inconvient place possible, of course), to take a long nap when I heard a noise by the back door. The Can Opener rushed out to see what it was, expecting to find a raccoon, and I followed her.

Well, I thought he was a raccoon!

Look at that mask! But then I saw the real raccoon- about 4 times the size of the wanna-be, and with a lot more attitude! He was crunching louder than a horse on the food that was meant for Mama cat if she stops by. He didn’t seem the least bit concerned that the human wansn’t happy about him.

When I saw that she wasn’t concerned about it, I just closed my eyes and went right back to sleep.

At least, that was my plan. But the human decided we needed to play for a few minutes.

I love the feather toy- It makes me so happy! And today, she surprised me with another toy! But I’ll write about that one tomorrow. The human has to type for me and she keeps falling asleep while she’s typing!

Hope you all had a great day- and I’m relieved my human is FINALLY ready for bed. Goodnight!


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