Twilight’s “Mother’s Day”

My Mama spent the day with me!

The Humans had Mother’s Day recently. But My Mama wasn’t here.

This morning when the Can Opener woke up and got her coffee she opened the back door for fresh air and my (still feral) Mama was there! We were so happy! My human has been taking care of her since she had me in the back yard (her second litter of kittens)…

They got her to a vet, got her shots and had her spayed- and tried for months to get her adopted. Though the cat rescue place took her in for two months, she just wouldn’t stay. So when they found homes for the (3rd litter of kitties) she was pregnant with they asked to bring her back where they found her. We were thrilled to have her back. I had missed her and kept looking for her.

Over the years, she’s learned to trust my human, and will let her get close enough to put food down for her. My Mama will actually sit and stare at her and “talk” to her and slowly blink her eyes at her. But my human mama has never tried to touch her, because she doesn’t want to scare her away.

But this morning we had breakfast together. My Can Opener saw us playing hide-and-seek together under the bushes and playing together on the playset – we chased butterflies and caught some bugs. We wanted that cute little green hummingbird that keeps visiting the lilac tree- but it’s too fast for us. Then we went duck hunting at the stream behind the house.

I had looked and waited in the windowsill all day looking for my Mama on Mother’s Day, and she never came. I guess all the extra people in the neighborhood that day made her nervous. So today, I gave her my breakfast and my Redi Whip and treats as a sort of late “Mother’s Day” present. Oh, sure – I was hungry. But I can eat as much as I want whenever I want. My Mama can’t.

I even carried a couple of my favorite toy mice outside for her to have something to play with because she doesn’t have any toys.

So all you kitties (and humans) out there, take good care of your Mamas. Because they’re the reason you’re alive. And they need love too.

Now I need a nap, so I can stay out with Mama tonight when she comes for dinner.



9 thoughts on “Twilight’s “Mother’s Day”

  1. Once upon a time, I took in a young stray after my son brought her home on a very cold, wintry night. She was very dehydrated, and hungry. I tried to find her owner but I suspect they put her out on purpose as she was in heat and her meows were incessant, and loud!! Long story short, my son let her outside one day. A neighbour warned me that she had ‘visitors’ and by the time I got her to a vet a couple of weeks later, she was expecting kittens. I allowed her to birth them, and she was blessed with 4 females. We kept one. They were very bonded and Mama Topaz allowed Rain to nurse off of her until she was a year old! And then one day she stopped, and their bond was broken. Mama Topaz lived to be 17, and her daughter Rain crossed Rainbow Bridge at 16. They sure are special, aren’t they?!

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    1. Oh yes they are- I love watching the bond between Twilight and her mama. When I let her out in the mornings, I always try to feed her first- but she will right right past her food and about touch it or eat at all until she sees her mama get fed- only then will she eat!

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