Can Opener didn’t let us on her computer last night

She got a new pillow a few days ago, and (according to her doctor), it triggered TMJ in her jaw- she woke up a couple of hours after falling asleep 3 nights ago when she slept on her new pillow, with extreme pain in her jaw on one side, and difficulty opening her mouth.

The next morning she had a hard time eating, and has had constant pain in her jaw, and pain when touching it, and since then, she’s also had a bad headache that refuses to be relieved.

She says this is why she’s had a hard time helping Sushi and me post. We’re not buying it- because she still drinks her coffee and lemon water and eats ice cream just fine.

I’ve been telling Sushi we may need to trade the Can Opener in for a newer model, but she says “Why? Her hands still work, and she still feeds us.”

Sushi laying in the sun in front of her dish- hoping the Human forgets she just ate and feeds her again.

We’re going to have a serious talk with that human this morning- because “her headache” is apparently making her slack off on other things too – (like handing out our treats in a timely manner). The doctor says this could last 3-4 weeks – but I don’t think we can.

She was advised to try acupuncture if it lasts longer than 4 weeks (WE’ll DIE)!

So Sushi and I are sharpening our claws – we’re going to try some “acupuncture” of our own! 😹



13 thoughts on “Can Opener didn’t let us on her computer last night

  1. My youngest had a bad case of TMJ when he was in high school. He saw and Osteopath that specializes in a type of manipulation and that took care of it. Ostropathic manipulation works with the muscles and alignment in a different way than most practitioners. It took us a while to find a speciality that could handle it! Accupuncture might also help; I’ve received a lot of accupuncture in my time.

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  2. Oh dear ! We send your Can Opener purrayers and Power of the Jaw ! Our huMom has cervical arthritis and the first attack sent her to the ER and they thought she had TMJ, She could only open her mouth far enough to get a spoon in, so that explains the ice cream. Her dentist checks for TMJ but we don’t know if he could adjust it or just send her somewhere else. Waiting a month for it to go away sounds likely to drive her completely around the bend ! Our human got muscle relaxants, but like we said, she didn’t really have TMJ. We hope your Mama gets better soon !

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    1. Thank you! She thought she was pretty much over it until this morning. After getting up and watering the flowers and doing some other things this morning, she said her jaw, head and neck was hurting. That doesn’t sound good!

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  3. Definitely no head bonks today. The headache she woke up with yesterday-(and jaw pain) is still there this morning- and, it’s going to be 112 degrees today too- I’ll stay inside and help Sushi take care of mom!


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