Ahhh. This is the life.

Sushi and I were having a nip discussion…

The heat wave is gone. Now we need to have a catnip party.

I think my human thinks I’m not affected by catnip. It’s really a sad situation. She says she gave me some back when she first took me in and I sniffed it and walked away. But hey, I’d like to try it again. After all, I was just a little tiny thing when she first adopted me.

I’ve been hearing a lot about it from the two siamese brothers down the street. They keep saying I should have them sneak in for a box and nip party when the humans leave for the 4th.

But wouldn’t you know, she doesn’t want to leave Sushi and me alone while they go watch fireworks and celebrate.(Figures). That’s because Sushi is afraid of all the racket from the fireworks and anyway, she hates it when the humans leave. It brings back bad memories for her and she gets scared. Besides that, she just plain wants to make sure there’s someone here to open her cans of food. I’m not real good at opening cans either. But I know if they leave, they’ll be back. (It’s just my luck.)

Hey- I know a tabby down the street that can help us out!
PERFECT! Tell him to bring boxes!
BOXES!? We need nip too!
*sigh* I give up. Let’s just plan the party.


7 thoughts on “Ahhh. This is the life.

  1. Young cats don’t “get” nip for the first few months. Maybe you were too young. Valerian & silvervine can make you crazy too. We hear.

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